Through our newly born division, TabSEARCH, TaboraARGA offers new services for executive recruitment (Managers, General Managers, Directors) and human resources assessment.

We in TaboraARGA have learned that many companies struggle to find the right people for their department or division, even some of them pick the wrong leaders. Good men do not necessarily good managers, Nor even directors. It takes the whole perspective and deeper understanding on how we effectively – and for certain, accurately – assess people to suit to their professional appointment.

TabSEARCH help the companies to channel the right brains and with them, the bright ideas to help the companies materializing their vision, mission and business plan.

TabSEARCH also helps companies to assess their existing top executives and managers for promotions. Using the customizable KPI (Key Performance Indicators) to help top management assesses their subordinates, and to help shaping the overall corporate organization to

the most optimum and efficient operation.

For Managers, General Managers, Directors, you are welcome to drop your CV with complete portfolio for new challenges ahead to or contact us at +62 21 83819050 (office hours).

Career Coaching for Executives is also available, especially to those who are ready for further challenges at the higher levels, new positions, new jobs and new opportunities in professional career.