This is the nutshell: if organizations are to survive and prosper in the modern world of rapid change, they need to be more flexible, faster-moving and faster-learning than before. Their ability to do this rests upon the abilities of their workforce to have these characteristics – hence the value of training. If individuals are able to learn, develop and change, then so can the organizations. Trainings do not offer changes. They simply CHANGE things!

Trainings available in TaboraARGA are among others: Sales & Marketing, Business Negotiations, Corporate Communications, Competitive Intelligence, Motivational & Self Development, Art of Presentation, Public Speaking & Toast-mastering, Global Networking. All trainings are customized to suit to corporate needs. Prior assessment is therefore required.

While training helps people get skills, coaching help them better their skills. Look at the current fuzz on people

development: organizations are complex and people may have requested coaching for various reasons. Coaching is a very useful and powerful approach to use in these situations. What can coaching help you, your staffs and your team?

  1. Finding specific purpose, both in personal and professional life
  2. Developing steps to both personal and professional success
  3. Finding out all available supporting components and resources
  4. Helping one knows how to make decision and act accordingly
  5. Creating a sort of ‘Life School’ for personal and professional development

Training & Workshops Services:

Sales & Marketing

Negotiation (for Sales/ Legal/ Customer Service/ HR – Industrial Relations & Recruitment/ Managers and middle to top level Executives)

Marketing Communication (incl. brand power creation)Competitive Intelligence (for Sales/ Marketing/ Product Development/ Business Development/ Public Relations/ Marketing Communication executives)

Business Plan Development

Sales Kit development

Professional Presentation (for Sales & Marketing/ Business Development/ middle to top level Executives)

HR & Staff Development (soft competence)

How To Do an Effective Market Research/ Marketing Research

Business Start-up for Young Retirees

Others (please contact us at for customizable in-house trainings at your company)