Our team is comprised of professionals, specialists and business practitioners:

1. Ir. Binsar Sitorus, MBA (corporate finance consultant, former banker, businessperson)
2. Ir. Theresia SG (professionals, property player)
3. Meynar Sihombing, M.A. (former World Bank professional, Micro Finance and SME expert)
4. W Mahestu Noviandra K., SE, M.Sc.IB, Ph.D. (academia, international marketing consultant)
5. Ir. Amru Faisal Lubis (businessperson, advanced digital technology & augmented reality)
6. AC Mahendra K Datu, Ph.D. (Management professionals, businessperson, columnist)

Foreign Counterparts:

1. Ramon Quesada, Ph.D. (CEO Small Business Corporation – Manila, the Philippines)
2. Jess Estanislao, Ph.D. (Institute of Solidarity in Asia, Institute of Corporate Directors, Manila, the Philippines)

Our Partners:

1. WinsLAB Indonesia
2. BenWarg Consulting
3. Research & Advisory International (RAI)
4. Datum Strategic
5. Marish Research (Manila)

6. SDM Indonesia